Debbie Bourbeau

I was hired to work at MES in 1973 and loved the town so much that we bought our first house here in 1975. The 35 years I spent teaching the children of Marlborough were the most rewarding of my lifetime!  How nice to see so many of those young girls and boys turn into such fine, respectable young men and women! Some former students have even become friends of mine as adults.

Living in town I knew I wanted to be involved in ways other than through the school. In the early 2000s I joined the Bicentennial Committee and headed the logo contest and time capsule creation. Marlborough Arts Center was born around 2006, and I have been involved as a volunteer to this day. In 2008 I was asked to be on the Richmond Memorial Library board and served 6 years, most of those as President. In 2017 I became a member of the Board of Finance and have been Secretary these past two years. I enjoy being involved and dedicating my time to volunteering.

Never one who liked politics, I continue today as an unaffiliated voter. Small towns don’t need politics to get in the way of running successfully and efficiently. It should always be about the town and not the party. I think for myself, speak up as needed, and do what I feel is right for the citizens of Marlborough.

My parents taught me to be a hard-working person who conducted herself with honesty, integrity, and sincerity. In addition I learned how to respect everyone, their opinions and thoughts, their desires and concerns. I’m truthful in my comments and concentrate on doing what’s right for all. To continue to do so, I need your support and your vote on May 3rd.

If you’d like to talk, contact me by email ( which is preferred or by landline at 860-295-0625.