My name is Michele Thomas, and I am a candidate for the Board of Education in our beautiful Town of Marlborough. I have enjoyed the benefits of living in Marlborough, and serving on the board of education is the perfect opportunity to give back to the families of our town.
Five years ago, our family was thrilled to find a beautiful home in Marlborough. My husband and 16-year-old son, (a national honor student at RHAM High School) have fallen deeply in love with Marlborough.
I believe education is the core building block of a strong democracy and community. Volunteering to serve is critical because of our decisions and actions as parents and residents impact the quality of learning for our children for generations to come.
My experiences as an educator and administrator have helped me better understand the critical importance of thoughtful and focused leadership. Strategic planning and a laser focus on frugally spending the town’s dollar are essential skills for any elected official. With each decision, we must never forget our primary purpose, which is to serve the best interest of our children. While my B.A. and MBA degrees have provided me intellectual skills; it is not enough! My parents instilled in me the importance of faith, good citizenship, and honesty. It is that combination that I would carry with me every day as I worked on behalf of the Town of Marlborough.
I recently obtained my Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management. I am the Executive Publisher of AcuteByDesign “The Little Publishing Company that Could” which specializes in publishing children’s and Young Adult’s books. However, most importantly, I genuinely care for our children and our community. I would love your support in my effort to serve on the Marlborough Board of Education.