Exemplary candidates for Board of Education

"I've been serving on the Board of Ed for the last eight years, many of those as vice chair and for the last year as chairperson. During that time, the Board of Ed has been a non-partisan group with almost all votes being unanimous. In today's charged political atmosphere, I think that's quite an accomplishment for our little town and our little board. We were able to achieve that by leaving politics aside and letting everyone share their thoughts, opinions, and researching ideas and bringing those ideas to the table at every meeting with open and thoughtful discussions. I commit to continue being this voice of moderation and openness and also by listening to science and the experts." -- Wes Skorski
"If I am elected, I vow to evaluate all sides of an issue, listen to others, and make sure my decisions are based on reason, logic, and in the best interests of staff, students, and our unique community, not along party lines." -- Anna Holden

Next Tuesday, November 2nd, please vote to re-elect current chairperson Wes Skorski and elect Anna Holden and Angela Colantonio to the Board of Education for MES.