First-rate Board of Finance candidates

"I've worked in finance, higher education finance for 20+ years. ... I'm fully invested in Marlborough's future. Growth and change are inevitable, so being able to do that in a smart way, to make sure that your kids end up loving the place that they grew up in is definitely a goal." -- Robert Mirabal
"I think it's vital that we have a balanced and responsible budget that also allows for growth, that allows Marlborough to maintain its features that make it what it is and made us want to move here. ... We have a wide demographic of people, we have young couples, we have young families, we have those that are starting businesses, we have those that are retired, and our budget and our town need to work for all of those people. -- Jack Fidler

Mirabal, Steinbrecher, and Fidler for Marlborough! This November 2nd, please head to MES and cast your ballot to elect Robert Mirabal and Anne Steinbrecher to full seats on the Board of Finance and John "Jack" Fidler as an alternate to the Board.