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Early Voting!

For the very first time, early voting has arrived in CT! Get more information on Early Voting at the Secretary of the State website by clicking the graphic below.

*Please note, Friday, March 29th is a state holiday and polling locations will NOT be open!

From our friends at CT Dems: Primary voting is an essential part of our electoral system, and while we all know the presumptive presidential nominees, your vote matters even more this year. Why? For a few reasons. It is essential to demonstrate our firm and unified support for President Biden. Our democracy can’t end up with Trump again, and we need your participation to ensure that doesn’t happen. Primaries are crucial to building the final party platform in November. Your vote will help demonstrate to the party what is most important to its constituents. Voting in the primary now will help local election officials ensure our voting system runs smoothly in August and November. Please consider taking advantage of early voting in this p.imary election.

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