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Election Results

If the unofficial results hold, it will be a HUGE night for Marlborough CT Democrats. 17 of our 19 endorsed candidates will have won seats. Congratulations to all the winners! We put countless hours developing a slate that reflects Marlborough, and the voters recognized that. Thank you to all the election workers that make today possible. Thank you to our wonderful slate of candidates, you got the voters of Marlborough excited for Election Day. Thank you to the MDTC members and friends that volunteered their time and energy into a busy campaign year. And thank you to the people of Marlborough for putting their trust in our slate.

Click HERE or the image below to see the results from the election (Choose 11/07/2023 --November 2023 Municipal, Hartford, then Marlborough)... or scroll down.

Board of Selectmen (3 Seats): D Rizza 940 R Asklar 930 R Concodello 919 R Nastri 880

Board of Finance (3): D Pakulis-Paul 931 D Fidler 917 D Guzman 904 R Wherry 895

Board of Finance Alternate (1): R Sena 857 D Wilkinson 829

MES Board of Education (3): D Wilson 898 R Kuhrt 867 R Barella 864

Board of Assessment Appeals (3): D Grasso 997 D Ryan 958 R Planeta 912

Planning Commission (2): D O’Connell 896 R Stankiewicz 895 R Hallden 787

Zoning Commission (2): D Denler 1017 D Lardi 945

Zoning Alternate (1): R Murray 833 D Hale 816

Zoning Board of Appeals (2): R Georgiades 926 D Gorman 920

ZBA Alternate (1): D Bratz 830 R Planeta 799

RHAM Board of Education (2): R Romanchuck 957 D Golfin 894

Unopposed/Cross Endorsed: Griffin (Clerk) 1691 O’Neil (Treasurer) 1662 Lazzari (Tax Collector) 1652 D Dunn (Planning Commission Alternate) 1012

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