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ZONING COMMISSION: 2 open seats, with 2 seats open for Democrat Endorsed Candidates under Minority Representation Charter Rules. MDTC has endorsed 2 (Bill Lardi & Charles Denler).

ZONING COMMISSION ALTERNATE: 1 open seat, with 1 seat open for a Democrat Endorsed Candidate under Minority Representation Charter Rules. MDTC has endorsed 1 (Nick Hale).

Bill Lardi

Charles Denler

Nick Hale

  •  Municipal Building Official and contractor for 40 years

  • 10 years as official in Middletown and West Hartford

  • Both building and land use experience

  • Previously served on WPCA, serving on ZBA, and was on school renovation committee 

  • Wants to provide expertise to help in Marlborough's development

  •  Emmy winning musician multiple times

  •   Compositions in films, tv, concert works, commercials

  •   Professor of composition, music theory, music production

  •   Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction

  •   Along with his father, Charles built over 104 houses in Marlborough, as well as remodeling and adding additions to his own homes. This working knowledge applies to a role on zoning.

  •   The Denler family dates back to1886 in Marlborough. Born and raised here and has since returned home. Zoning is a rewarding way to give back to the community and make a difference.

  •   Eager to be a voice for the community and to contribute to the preservation and integrity of the town

  •  Unique perspective for Zoning board on attracting and keeping younger residents, create vibrant downtown

  •   UConn student pursuing B.S. in Political Science and a MPA in Public Policy

  •   Worked as an intern for state rep during 2023 legislative season, responsible for research, response to constituents, summarizing bills

  •   Worked on Wes Skorski's State Representative campaign

  •   Model United Nations, Storrs. Assistant Director

  •   Belayer at Brownstone Park also responsible for equipment safety

  •   Works multiple jobs to support his education

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