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To the Editor: It happened last night at the All Boards meeting in Marlborough.

There was a palpable ring of positivity, hope and team spirit in the room. To foster and carry on this forward momentum, Marlborough voters have the opportunity to add John Rizza to the Board of Selectman come November. When approaching issues in our town, John is dedicated to thinking clearly about addressing those needs without regard to any particular faction, but rather the welfare of the town as a whole. It is not only his nice guy manner and terrific sense of humor that make him an effective team player but also his ability to listen, to compromise when needed but always to keep the short term and long term well-being front and center in the decision making process. John will prioritize his accessibility to voters.

Marlborough can count on John to bring calm and thoughtful solutions forward in the process of doing the best for Marlborough. John and his family have lived in Marlborough and raised their three children here. During his twin sons and daughter's time at MES and RHAM, he was a constant presence coaching, lining fields and supporting volunteer events for the schools. His volunteerism for MYLE (Marlborough Youth Athletic League) is well remembered by the teachers and parents involved at that time.Those who are fortunate to know him and work with him understand how valuable he will be as a decision maker on the Board of Selectmen. John will be around door knocking soon. Meeting him is certain to be a pleasure and bring a smile to your day. Vote for John Rizza, Democrat this November 7, 2023, 6AM to 8PM at the elementary school.

Respectfully submitted, Dianne Dunn


To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Marlborough Democratic Town Committee members for their vote of confidence in selecting me as a candidate for the Board of Selectmen.

After reading the following quote: "A nation grows great when old men plant trees the shade of which they will never

sit in," I decided to get involved with the MDTC. Through my involvement with the Committee I have met an amazing group of hardworking, dedicated Marlborough residents. The emphasis of my campaign is to focus on what unites us as a community through open communication and empathy. I look forward to working with the present Board of Selectmen and to continue their work on improving Marlborough's quality of life. By hiring a School Resource Officer as well as a new Town Manager, David Porter, the BOS continues to move in the right direction. In the coming weeks I look forward to meeting with the voters, listening to their concerns and working collaboratively to make Marlborough an even greater place to live. With your vote and confidence together we can "plant trees" for future Marlborough residents. Sincerely, John Rizza - Marlborough

Candidate for Board of Selectmen

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To the Editor:

When I joined the Marlborough Democratic Town Committee, the furthest thought in my mind was running for the Board of Selectmen. For my entire life I’ve been politically engaged in issue that I feel strongly about. But there’s a difference between standing with a sign or participating in ‘sit-ins’ getting involved and making change. After living in Marlborough for over 25 years, I’ve decided I need to run for a position where I can have a real impact.

My background is in property management and real estate, but what really qualifies me for government work is the years I spent in the dugout as an assistant manager for my son Brendan’s little league team. Marlborough Youth Athletic League is where I learned the importance of teamwork. The pre-teen boys had their own interpretation. They spent most of the time seeing who could stuff the most pieces of double bubble in their mouths at the same time, much like today’s congressmen shoveling perks into their pockets. Boys will be boys.

The time spent with those young men will resonate with me forever. These young men taught me compromise and to support your teammates even when they strike out. These lessons are important still today. Two decades later some of these players are my closest friends. If I’m lucky enough to be selected by the voters of Marlborough I will bring those tenets of teamwork and compromise to my work on the Board of Selectmen.

It’s not about politics it’s about people. My hope is that my kids, and the many I coached, can foresee a bright future as Marlborough residents.

Sincerely, John Rizza - Marlborough

Candidate for Board of Selectmen

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