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Board of Finance Alt, In Support of Marcus Wilkinson: October 6, 2023

To the Editor:

Relief was what I felt when I heard that Marcus Wilkinson was running for alternate on Marlborough’s Board of Finance, much like I felt when he was selected to be on the committee to select our new town manager. I felt relief because we need as many people like Marcus in our government as possible.

Yes, Marcus brings years of experience in law and conflict resolution and practical business experience. But far more than that for me is his character. Marcus brings reason, sensibility, practicality and civility. He is committed not only to the betterment of the town but to the betterment of the town processes—through inclusion, collaboration, transparency and communication.

I encourage everyone to vote for Marcus, but a special shout out to those that don’t normally vote. Ironically, those that don’t vote because they think they don’t make a difference are exactly the people that can make a difference. Vote for a capable person that wants to bring people together and make the town a better place. See you at the polls.

Catherine Schuster - Marlborough

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