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Board of Finance, Karen Pakulis Paul: October 27, 2023

To the Editor:

As I've been campaigning for the full seat on the Board of Finance, there have been two things I've been grateful for. The first thing I'm grateful for is the outstanding people I've met. I can't express that enough. I am so appreciative of your input and willingness to share with me what your concerns and expectations are for our town's budget and spending. Some of you shared specifics such as naming roads, school projects, or the boar launch, library, or sidewalks. Some of you spoke in terms of the school budget(s) and the town or capital budget(s). Both are valuable and important.

I shared that when it comes to sitting at the BOF table, I have to ask myself, "What is ut that's best for the whole community and not just the desire of a few (including myself)?" "Is this for the good of Marlborough's future?"

Realistically I will not "hit" every taxpayer and voter in Marlborough so I invite my fellow taxpayers in Marlborough to share your budgetary concerns/ideas at as I am still listening.

The second thing that I'm grateful for during campaigning is the opportunity to learn about the backgrounds and reasons why each of the incredibly qualified candidates I am running with, are also running. It takes a qualified, community-minded TEAM to put a dedicated, fair and cost-effective budget together and maintain all other financial oversight. I'm excited to be part of such a team who will bring that result to your. On Nov. 7, vore for Fidler, Guzman, Pakulis-Paul and Wilkinson. We won't disappoint.

Karen Pakulis Paul - Marlborough

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