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Board of Finance, Karen Pakulis Paul: September 29, 2023

To the Editor:

I told you in my last letter I understood how busy people are and that you don't have time to attend all the town meetings to listen and ask questions about our $27M in taxes. I also told you that I do have the time. I do go to those meetings on your behalf as an alternate on the Board of Finance (BOF) and I want to represent you as a full member.

Since I was appointed an alternate, I have missed only one of the 26 scheduled meetings. I invite you to check the meeting minutes and see for yourself.

The BOF meets more times than most boards and attendance is critical. Meetings begin in October preparing the upcoming budget fr your approval. That's what sets your next year's taxes, which can equal one to three months' paychecks for some of us each year. Other meetings involve monitoring financial operations of the town, discussing debt management, audits, or policies/planning. We make decisions moving money at the request of the Board of Selectmen. Priorities and even project changes. Like anyone else, we all have our favorite projects. But if that's all a member of any board shows up for, votes on, or rallies others around, then the big picture is lost. That's why attendance at all meetings is critical.

It takes an incredibly qualified dedicated team working together to bring all the pieces of a diversified, fair and cost-effective budget together. I'm excited to be a part of such a team who WILL bring that result to you.

On Nov. 7, vote for Fidler - Pakulis Paul - Guzman - Wilkinson. We won't disappoint.

Karen Pakulis Paul - Marlborough

Note: Pakulis Paul is an alternate member if the Board of Finance, but said she is speaking as an individual.

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