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Board of Selectmen, In Support of John Rizza: November 3, 2023

To the Editor:

It is political letters time. How do we learn who people are, what they really believe, how they would behave in office if elected. For me, the only answer is to go back in time, to see who they were, what they have said and done on the way. I have to know if I believe in the person, not just the rhetoric. During his 25 years in Marlborough, John has quietly and consistently built teamwork. He has quietly and consistently focused on people, not labels, not status, not politics. John believes in listening, learning what concerns people, learning what people and groups of people have in common. Not stopping there, he then seeks means of collaboratively addressing those concerns for the common good. John sincerely wants to know, and thoughtfully wants to build on, what unites us. Communication, collaboration and above all empathy….look past rhetoric and that’s where you will find John. Do you know how I know? Because John’s personal ministry is feeding the homeless; because as he serves people he LISTENS to them; because he has quietly done so for years. You don’t see it on Facebook, he just does it. I also know because he drives around all winter with hats and gloves in his car in case he sees people who need them. He doesn’t allow a busy, crazy world to leave people behind, if they are in his orbit. John believes whole heartedly in empathy; he lives it. But, as John modestly says, “it’s just an extension of who I am.”

Bring John onto Marlborough’s Board of Selectmen.

Ann Terezakis Marlborough

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