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Board of Selectmen, John Rizza: September 8, 2023

To the Editor:

When I joined the Marlborough Democratic Town Committee, the furthest thought in my mind was running for the Board of Selectmen. For my entire life I’ve been politically engaged in issue that I feel strongly about. But there’s a difference between standing with a sign or participating in ‘sit-ins’ getting involved and making change. After living in Marlborough for over 25 years, I’ve decided I need to run for a position where I can have a real impact.

My background is in property management and real estate, but what really qualifies me for government work is the years I spent in the dugout as an assistant manager for my son Brendan’s little league team. Marlborough Youth Athletic League is where I learned the importance of teamwork. The pre-teen boys had their own interpretation. They spent most of the time seeing who could stuff the most pieces of double bubble in their mouths at the same time, much like today’s congressmen shoveling perks into their pockets. Boys will be boys.

The time spent with those young men will resonate with me forever. These young men taught me compromise and to support your teammates even when they strike out. These lessons are important still today. Two decades later some of these players are my closest friends. If I’m lucky enough to be selected by the voters of Marlborough I will bring those tenets of teamwork and compromise to my work on the Board of Selectmen.

It’s not about politics it’s about people. My hope is that my kids, and the many I coached, can foresee a bright future as Marlborough residents.

Sincerely, John Rizza - Marlborough

Candidate for Board of Selectmen

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