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MES Board of Education, In Support of Jean Wilson, September 29, 2023

To the Editor:

Jean Wilson is a lifelong learner and educator who will effectively advocate for our children, school and town. I have known Jean since we were parents of young children fighting to get world languages and enrichment programs back in MES. Jean has dedicated the commitment of time and expertise to both MES and RHAM Middle and High School, for the last fifteen years or more, to ensure students receive a world class education.

Professionally, Jean has worked for over 30 years as a teacher and trainer. She is focused on school safety, AI Usage policies, curriculum and facilities. She works in higher education, stays abreast of research and understands the skills and dispositions students need to be globally competitive.

Jean and I served on the RHAM Board together for four years. Jean was known to politely and effectively focus the Board on continuous improvement that ensured offerings in the arts, advanced science and mathematics and global empathy. She listened to all parents and community members and gave their input and questions serious consideration.

My children attended MES and RHAM and they were beneficiaries of the phenomenal educators and Board members’ work that ensured excellence in education for all students. I am proud of our community and school system and I want the tradition of excellence to continue. There are few candidates who I would endorse so wholeheartedly as Jean Wilson. She is compassionate, collaborative, respects history and tradition and is future focused.

Please vote for Jean for the Marlborough Board of Education to guarantee our schools excel as we face the challenges of 2023 and beyond.

Judy Benson Clarke, Marlborough

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