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MES Board of Education, Jean Lorelle Wilson: October 13, 2023

To the Editor:

All education is facing challenges. Some of these include school safety, erasing COVID-era learning deficits, computer security, AI usage policies, and a lack of air conditioned school buildings, as well as technological challenges. As a candidate running for the Marlborough Board of Education this fall, I believe that be working collaboratively in our community, we can find solutions for these issues.

I have worked in education for over 30 years as a teacher and trainer and bring expertise in instructional technologies. I am an instructional technologist and a specialist in online teaching technologies. Instructional technologist work closely with teachers to help them reach learning goals.

While I am well-versed in computer technologies, I have a master's in education, not computer science, because education should always lead technology and not the other way around. For years, I ran Blackboard, an online learning platform at a nearby private university and I helped faculty apply best practices for applying a variety of technologies in teaching and learning, including teaching online. Before that, I built and put online a university cable TV station, where I mentored and advised students. These experiences have taught me how extremely important it is for teachers to understand the uses, strengths, and concerns that technology brings to education.

I am hoping for the opportunity to give back and share my technological expertise with the faculty at MES. I have previous board experience, having served four years on the RHAM Board of Education, so I understand how vital a Board of Education is and how it works, Please vote for me in the upcoming Nov. 7 election so we may contiinue to uphold the tradition of excellence at MES.

Jean Lorelle Wilson - Marlborough

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