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Planning Commission, In Support of Joan O'Connell: October 13, 2023

To the Editor:

It is a pleasure to support Joan O'Connell's desire to run for election for the Marlborough Planning Commission. Joan is an upstanding lifelong Marlborough resident, and I am grateful to have worked with Joan professionally for 17 years. Her leadership is commendable. She provided direction, support, and encouragement to co-workers during difficult situations. She is a well-respected citizen who has selflessly dedicated a significant part of her life to helping and serving others.

In addition to serving the greater eastern Connecticut community as a registered nurse and international board-certified lactation conultant, Joan displays an exceptional, genuine commitment to the well-being and success of other individuals in her community. For example, she has consistently been involved in many community programs and committees such as volunteering her time sewing clothes for the underpriviledged, co-founding a medical equip,emt exchange program that repurposes used medical equipment to people in need, and mentoring children through the AHM Laterns Menotring Program. Joan continued to proactively educate others about their own health and the need to embrace sustainability for our environment. For example, Joan composts waste at her house to use for garden soil and has used non-plastic reusable bags long before such a practice became mainstreamed.

Joan will add immense value to this committee with her innovative ideas and excellent solution-oriented skills which in turn will assist the committee in accomplishing its initiatives and goals. Not only will she be an asset to the Planning Commission, but more importantly the citizens od Marlborough. Her positive , enthusiastic attitude will allow her to inspire and motivate everyone she has the opportunity to interact with to join in the collective effort in making Marlborough more sustainable.

Jennifer Lombardi - Marlborough

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