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Planning Commission, Joan O'Connell: September 29, 2023

To the Editor:

My name is Joan O’Connell and I’m running for Marlborough’s Planning Commission as an endorsed Democratic candidate. I grew up in Marlborough, as did my five children and now 2 of my seven grandchildren are here too! My long career as a nurse fits well with the Planning Commission and its offshoot Sustainable CT. Good health, whether it be for yourself, family, or community is very important to me. I’ve found the best way to attain and maintain that, is through preventative measures. Promoting good exercise habits—such as our new sidewalks, which will soon encircle our lake. Working toward bike lanes throughout town. Encouraging good water and land care, like composting and use of rain barrels (which can decrease our landfill costs down the road). They can also support community gardens, which in turn encourage healthier diets.

There are a lot of good things happening in Marlborough! If I am elected, I promise to keep working on the good health of our community through listening and open communication. Thank you,

Joan O’Connell Marlborough

Candidate for Planning Commission

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